Episode 74

Published on:

22nd Oct 2022

Dr. Nick Thompson

Dr. Nick Thompson earned his veterinary degree from Edinburgh University in 1992. While in veterinary school, he did a year of advanced study in immunology as well. After graduation, he worked in a few mixed animal practices before engaging in advanced studies in both homeopathy and veterinary acupuncture. A colleague introduced him to the writings of Dr. Ian Billinghurst, and his journey into investigating and promoting raw feeding was soon underway.

In 1999, Dr. Thompson founded his holistic practice, Holisticvet, in the United Kingdom. He uses homeopathy, acupuncture, natural nutrition, and herbal medicine to treat his patients. In 2014 he was a founder of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, an international group of veterinarians and veterinary nurses dedicated to raw feeding and species appropriate nutrition in dogs and cats. Dr. Thompson is an international industry leader and subject matter expert on holistic medicine and natural feeding. He has a wide range of speaking experience and has created a large volume of online content, including participating in weekly Facebook Live sessions called "Raw Pet Medics" where he and Drs. Conor Brady and Brendan Clarke discuss holistic approaches to health issues in pets.

Please enjoy this conversation with Dr. Nick Thompson as we discuss his exposure to holistic philosophy at an early age from his parents, his veterinary education, how he became a holistic expert, and how he manages to stay current on nutrition while maintaining his roles as a consultant, clinician, husband, and father.

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